Today, we’re going to show you how to domesticate your partner using pranks. You know, to spice your relationship up a little.

What you’ll learn are above-average methods and needs a bit of DIY-ing. I want to think of them as military-grade techniques passed down for generations but the truth is their just pranks that even a 10-year-old kid can think of. (But they didn’t, we did!)

So here’s XX ways to spice up your relationship with your partner using down and dirty pranks you’ll fight over in days…

1. The moving teddy bear

If your partner likes to play video games or stare at a screen for several hours and ignore your existence, then this is the perfect way to get his undivided attention (while hopefully peeing their pants).

Simply get a human-sized teddy bear, open it up, and take away aaaaaall of those stuffings and replace it with … you.

Get in that teddy, play dead, and wait for your hubby to enter the same room your teddy or you are at. When everything’s all good and ready, start by moving your limbs, to give little bits of scare. And when your partner notices something’s off, that’s when you let ‘em have it. Stand up, and head toward ‘em.

Oh, a quick reminder, you might wanna clear the room of things he can smack you with so you won’t end up in a hospital bed because of role-playing.

2. “IT” sleeps beside you

If the first one is too complicated and a bit wasteful, don’t worry, this second one is simpler and was dumb down for lazy people.

When you’re both asleep, simply move your partner’s phone to the other side of the bed. Replace “you” with pillows and a mask of a clown, then call them saying you have to go outside for a while.

When they check out who they’re with, you can already imagine how they’ll react. Oh, better prepare an extra sheet in case their body “reacts” too much.

3. Hair blown

If your partner uses a hairdryer, open it up and put some powder in it.

Once they’re cleaned up nice and tidy, and they’re ready to use that hairdryer … poof!

They’ll be lookin’ like doughnuts in no time.

Now, if none of these three are suited for you and your partner, don’t worry. We have you covered, ‘cause we have more on the video below.

If you want us to release a sequel to this video entitled “Pranks that’ll make other couples jealous at your relationship” then simply comment “I want this too” on our Facebook post and we’ll keep you updated in a few days.

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